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About Science Underdog


Welcome to Science Underdog! While the goal here is to explore different careers in science and medicine, there is also an emphasis on doing better while pursuing these careers. The fields of science and medicine aren't easy—and for a good reason.


I hope everyone finds comfort in knowing that not every person that applies to medical school, for instance, gets accepted. There is also discomfort in knowing how many people don’t get accepted that deserve to—and even more knowing that many of these people give up!

Bouncing back from drawbacks are defining moments in the lives of rising underdogs. How can we bounce back or approach something for the first time stronger?


Science Underdog strives to answer questions like this. Whether in a specific circumstance, like applying to medical or graduate school, or something general like accomplishing goals, the content provided in this blog will provide insight on something that you could benefit from knowing.



Hi! I'm Michael Whaby. I am a graduate student at the Medical University of South Carolina where I'm pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. I created Science Underdog to share some of my experiences and struggles as a student in the sciences. Through stories about our typical behaviors (and hopefully some humor) I'll try to explain how we might use this knowledge to change our mindsets and act more efficiently. There will also be write-ins from other students and professionals, along with myself, so we can share experiences and insights on pursuing careers in science and medicine.

I hope you enjoy!

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Contributing Writers

Connor Clark, PA-C, MSPAS

Christopher Sutton, MS  medical (D.O.) student

David Rivetti, MS  medical (M.D.) student

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